Quicken Loans Dress Code: A Comprehensive Guide

For many businesses, the dress code is a critical part of appealing to clients and customers. In the fiercely competitive financial services industry, a professional uniform is especially important for projecting the right image. At Quicken Loans, this code of conduct calls for employees to dress for success, with the aim of exuding confidence and professionalism to customers.

Overview of Quicken Loans Dress Code

Quicken Loans dress code requires employees to “dress for success” in an effort to project a professional image to customers. This dress code focuses on appropriate attire for daily work and special occasions. Business attire is considered the standard dress code, and employees are expected to dress neatly and conservatively in attire befitting the level of the occasion.

Business Formal Attire

At Quicken Loans, business formal attire is required for management and employees who regularly interact with customers and clients. This standard of dress entails suits, pressed dress shirts, and dress or skirt slacks. Ties are often optional; however, management is expected to wear a tie when interacting with customers and clients. Shoes must be closed-toe and preferably dark-colored.

Business Casual Attire

Business casual dress is appropriate for non-client facing employees and interns. This includes slacks and dress shirts for men and dresses, skirts, and pants for women. Casual shirts, such as polos, and dressy blouses are allowed. When building an ensemble, focus on neutral colors like black, grey, and navy, and pair them with colorful accessories. Shoes must be enclosed, however, sneakers and other casual shoes are allowed.

Special Occasions

Quicken Loans holds a variety of special events throughout the year such as awards dinners, investor meetings, formal banquets, and other special occasions. Employees attending such events are expected to dress in evening wear, business formal, or black/white-tie ensembles depending on the level of the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are employees allowed to wear jeans to work?

A: No, jeans are not allowed in the office. Employees are expected to adhere to the business casual and business formal dress codes. 

Q: What color ties are allowed?

A: Management is most often required to wear a tie to work, and the accepted colors range from neutral hues like blacks and blues, to subtle patterns, to solids. 

Q: Are women allowed to wear open toe shoes?

A: No, closed toe shoes are required for women.

Q: Are men allowed to wear shorts?

A: No, shorts are not allowed in the Quicken Loans office. 

Examples of Appropriate Attire


  • Suit with shirt and tie
  • Dress pants and dress shirt
  • Slacks and collared shirt
  • Khakis and sweater


  • Dress pants or skirts with dress shirt
  • Professional dress 
  • Dressy blouse and trousers
  • Skirts and dressy blouse 


Adhering to the dress code is an important part of Quicken Loans’ commitment to excellence and professionalism. Employees are expected to dress neatly and conservatively to project the right corporate image to customers and clients. Quicken Loans dress code must be upheld to maintain the professional standard necessary to thrive in the competitive financial services industry.